Looking to Install or Upgrade a Security System?

Discover the exceptional capabilities of our Australian Designed & Manufactured Vision-X Security Alarm System. This high-quality product offers flexible solutions suitable for various Home or Business environments.

First and foremost, the flagship unit’s scalability and adaptability empower us to customize a system precisely aligned with your unique security requirements. Moreover, this security system boasts an array of options for seamless expansion and integration into other building systems, ensuring it caters to evolving needs.

Moreover, the integration of this Security / Access Control system with your home or business’ other control systems enhances modern smart living. With ‘Commercial Grade’ Access Control, Garage Doors & Electric Gates, all manageable through your Apple or Android Smart-Device, you unlock a realm of advanced features.

Empowering you to:

  • Arm / Disarm
  • Trigger Panic / Emergency Function
  • Self-Monitor
  • Operate integrated doors, gates, lights & sprinklers.

All accessible globally, given your device maintains an active internet connection (Mobile Data or WiFi).

In essence, the Vision-X Intrusion Alarm & Access Control Panel boasts a comprehensive feature list, encompassing integrated proximity readers, wireless compatibility, support for up to 144 individual zones, and integrated GSM/GPRS & IP Ethernet boards. This exceptional adaptability is complemented by its user-friendly design, making it one of the simplest yet most advanced security solutions available today.

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Servicing Your Existing Alarm System?

For those with an existing alarm system, Commodore Security Group offers
continuous servicing for an array of Security Alarm Systems. Renowned
brands in our repertoire include:

  • Digiflex ( Vision 16 / 64 / 144 & Vision-X )
  • Bosch ( Solution 2000 / 3000 / 6000 )
  • EDM ( Solution 8 / 16 / 862 / 880 )
  • Inner Range (Concept)
  • GE Challenger (Tecom)
  • Ness
  • Hills (Reliance) (DSC)
Count on us to maintain the performance and reliability of your security investment.

Range of Security Equipment

The iFob control app offers real-time management and insights into your configured alarm systems. It effortlessly supports multiple sites, facilitating seamless control of your home, office, or holiday house as needed.

The area control screen promptly displays the current status of the area(s), along with zone conditions and any ongoing trouble issues.

For added security, an optional panic button can be enabled. Holding the button for 3 seconds triggers a panic alarm.

Self Monitoring provides versatile options: Email, SMS, and/or Push Notification directly to the app. This can serve as an independent personal monitoring solution or a complementary addition to your existing back-to-base monitoring service.

Standard PIR motion detectors find their ideal use in residential properties and small businesses.

Meanwhile, our Pet Friendly PIR Detectors offer immunity to pets and small animals. This intelligent feature minimizes false alarms attributed to animals up to 45 kg.

For heightened security needs, our Commercial Series motion detectors rise to the occasion, meeting the stringent demands of commercial applications. They stand strong even in challenging and extreme environments.

Smoke alarm detectors serve as crucial early warnings for potential fire or smoke-related incidents, ensuring safety for you and those in proximity.

By seamlessly integrating with your security system, these detectors empower remote awareness of fire events. This feature is accessible when your system is connected to a Self-Reporting or Back to Base Service.

Maintain control of your alarm system at all times and receive real-time updates on its status, including any existing faults.

Our Internal Keypads are expertly crafted for indoor settings, featuring large graphical displays and alphanumeric text for ease of use.

Weather Resistant models offer both alarm and access control capabilities. With an IP65 rating, they're exceptionally suited for outdoor installations like Gates or Carpark access doors.

Our access control equipment excels in preventing unauthorized access to secure areas within your business.

Smart Card (PROX) LAN Readers can be seamlessly configured to offer both system area control and door access control. These readers boast an advanced level of security through an encrypted two-way authentication transmission format. They are under constant monitoring by the system control panel.

Engineered from UV-stabilized ASA plastic, these readers exhibit robust vandal and weather resistance, achieving an impressive IP66 rating. This durability makes them equally well-suited for both indoor and outdoor installations.

External Sirens & Strobe units offer a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and configurations to match specific application needs.

Internal Sirens serve a dual purpose – signaling an alarm breach and causing audible discomfort due to their high-frequency oscillating siren, effectively deterring intruders.

These units encompass various designs, from the classic top hat screamer to the sleek low-profile flush mount design, ensuring options that suit every preference.

The SMART RF Base Station represents a cutting-edge 2-Way transceiver directly interfacing with the control panels LAN.

This 2-way communication employs encrypted rolling code and anti-substitution technology, rendering the Smart RF Base an optimal selection for your wireless security setup.

Peripherals in communication with the base station encompass Wireless Motion Detectors, Smoke Detectors, and Smart RF Remotes.

Empowered by the Vision-X Control Panel, seamless integration with diverse building systems becomes a reality. This encompasses:

  • Garage Doors
  • Electric Gates
  • Building Fire Systems
  • Watering Systems
  • Garden Lighting

What the NBN & UFB means for your Alarm?

For Existing Monitored Customers 

Prior to embarking on NBN connection, we strongly advise you to reach out to us. Ensuring the seamless continuation of your back-to-base monitoring service is our top priority.

Beware of Retail Service Providers who may attempt to shift your security monitoring to their external departments. However, as these departments lack a foundation in the security industry, their solutions remain untested and cannot guarantee accurate alarm system monitoring. When you choose us, you opt for precise monitoring by a proudly Australian owned & operated Monitoring Centre located in Seven Hills.

If your system comprises Digiflex Vision-X or Bosch Solution 3000 / 6000, they seamlessly align with NBN, provided the necessary modules & software versions are in place (all readily available from us).

  • If this isn’t the case, we’ll suggest enhancing your system by adding a GSM / GPRS module. This module establishes a connection with mobile data networks in lieu of a traditional phone line.

For Prospective Customers

Inform us about existing NBN availability at your location.

Check whether your connection is already established.

Find out if you’re already connected.

Our previously mentioned systems can incorporate an Ethernet or GPRS module, establishing a secure link to our Monitoring Centre and/or Mobile Device.

Alternatively, we’ll suggest a universal GPRS unit for compatibility with any of our additional alarm systems.”


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