Looking to Install or Upgrade a Security System?

Our Australian Designed & Manufactured Vision-X Security Alarm System is a high-quality product that provides flexible solutions to suit most Home or Business environments.

Firstly, the scalability and adaptability of this flagship unit ensures that we can implement a system tailored to fit your unique security needs. Secondly, if and when your needs change, this security system has an array of options for further expansion & integration into other building systems.

Furthermore, with an ever-expanding array of advanced features, the integration of this Security / Access Control system into your home or business’ other control systems unlocks the full potential of modern smart living. Such things include ‘Commercial Grade’ Access Control, Garage Doors & Electric Gates, all controllable from your Apple or Android Smart-Device – Find Out More

Allowing you to:

  • Arm / Disarm
  • Panic / Emergency Function
  • Self-Monitor
  • Operate integrated doors, gates, lights & sprinklers.

All from anywhere in world, provided your device has an active internet connection (Mobile Data or WiFi).

As a result, the Vision-X Intrusion Alarm & Access Control Panel offers an extensive feature list including integrated proximity readers, wireless compatibility, up to 144 individual zones and integrated GSM/GPRS & IP Ethernet boards makes this system incredibly adaptable whilst remaining one of the simplest user experiences on the market today.

Servicing Your Existing Alarm System?

If you have an existing alarm system, Commodore Security Group provides ongoing servicing of a wide variety of Security Alarm Systems. Notable brands include:

  • Digiflex ( Vision 16 / 64 / 144 & Vision-X )
  • Bosch ( Solution 2000 / 3000 / 6000 )
  • EDM ( Solution 8 / 16 / 862 / 880 )
  • Inner Range (Concept)
  • GE Challenger (Tecom)
  • Ness
  • Hills (Reliance) (DSC)

Range of Security Equipment

The iFob control app provides real time control and feedback of your configured alarm systems. Multiple sites are supported meaning you can easily interface to your home, your office or your holiday house when required.

The area control screen shows the current status of the area(s) as well as the condition of the zones in the area and if any trouble conditions are in effect.

An optional panic button can be enabled allowing the user to trigger a panic alarm by holding the button for 3 seconds.

Self Monitoring is available via Email, SMS and/or Push Notification directly to the app. This can be offered as a standalone personal monitoring solution or can complement your existing back to base monitoring service.

Standard PIR motion detectors are ideal for residential properties and small businesses.

Pet Friendly PIR Detectors allow for pet and small animal immunity. So, when activated, this feature minimises false alarms caused by animals up to 45 kg.

Commercial Series motion detectors meet the higher security requirements of commercial applications and can operate reliably in more challenging & extreme environments.

Smoke alarm detectors provide warning for you and those around of a potential fire or smoke related incident.

As they integrate with your security system, you have the ability to know about fire events remotely. Provided your system is connected to a Self-Reporting or Back to Base Service.

Control your alarm anytime and stay updated with status of your system including any present faults.

Internal Keypads are perfectly designed for indoor installations with large graphical displays and alphanumeric text.

Weather Resistant models provide alarm and access control functionality.  It's also rated to IP65, making them ideal for external installations such as on Gates or Carpark access doors.

Our access control equipment can be set to restrict unauthorised users from accessing secure areas of your business.

Smart Card (PROX) LAN Readers can be configured to provide both system area control and door access control. These readers feature a high security, encrypted two way authentication transmission format and are continually monitored by the system control panel.

Constructed from a UV stabilised ASA plastic, the readers provide a high level of vandal and weather resistant up to IP66 making them ideal for both indoor & outdoor installations.


External Sirens & Stobe units come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations allowing for the most appropriate application to be achieved.

Internal Sirens are used not only to alert that an alarm has been tripped but a high frequency oscillating siren will cause audible discomfort to the human ear..

Units vary from the traditional top hat screamer design to the low profile flush mount design.

The SMART RF Base Station is an advanced 2-Way tranceiver that interfaces directly on the control panels LAN. 

The 2-way communication is encrypted with rolling code and anti substitution technology making the Smart RF Base an ideal choice for your wireless security system.

Peripherals that communicate with the bast station include Wireless Motion Detectors, Smoke Detectors & Smart RF Remotes.

With the Vision-X Control Panel, you are able to integrate with an array of other building systems. This can include:

  • Garage Doors
  • Electric Gates
  • Building Fire Systems
  • Watering Systems
  • Garden Lighting

What the NBN & UFB means for your Alarm?

For Existing Monitored Customers 

Most importantly, before you begin the process of connecting to the NBN you should contact us to ensure that there is no disruption to your back to base monitoring service.

The Retail Service Provider may attempt to transfer your security monitoring to one of their outsourced departments. However, as they are not established in the security industry their solutions have not been fully tested and there is no guarantee that your alarm system will be monitored accurately and by a proudly Australian owned & operated Monitoring Centre based in Seven Hills.

If your system is a Digiflex Vision-X or Bosch Solution 3000 or 6000, these are fully compatible with the NBN, provided you have the necessary modules & software version (all of which we can provide).

  • If it isn’t, we will recommend you add a GSM / GPRS module to your system which uses a connection to the mobile data networks instead of a phone line.

For New Customers

Let us know if you already have NBN at your premises.

Find out if you’re already connected.

Our above-mentioned systems can have an ethernet or GPRS module to connect securely to our Monitoring Centre and/or Mobile Device.

Alternatively, we will recommend a universal GRPS unit with any of our other alarm systems.

Get in contact with us!