Commodore Security Group stands as a leading specialist in providing holistic solutions for your data and communications systems. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of services, ranging from the initial installation to meticulous testing and ongoing maintenance of data and communications cabling. We pride ourselves on our proficiency in implementing SMART wiring solutions meticulously tailored to both Residential and SME environments. With our comprehensive approach, your home or business is equipped with a robust data network that not only meets your immediate requirements but ensures unwavering dependability for years to come.

Network Design 

At the heart of an efficient system lies its design, and our team understands the pivotal role of proper wiring planning. This aspect directly influences the level of integration achievable on your premises, both in the present and the future. By taking into account your current needs and anticipating future advancements, we strategically shape your network’s potential, ensuring adaptability and expansion.

Our Spectrum of Services

Beyond designing and installing data and communication cabling, we extend our offerings to encompass the supply and seamless installation of cutting-edge Networking Equipment. This empowers your home with flawless WiFi connectivity, seamless mesh networking for extended coverage, and smooth device handoff, resulting in a truly interconnected environment that seamlessly caters to your digital needs.

Switches, Racks and Cabinets

Understanding that the stability of a network is rooted in high-quality equipment, we’ve carefully curated an array of switches that not only promise impeccable performance but also come with installation and product warranties. Whether your requirement is for floor or wall-mounted cabinets or full-height standing racks, our offerings have been designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they seamlessly align with your space and network prerequisites.

We deliver and set up:

  • Floor and Wall Mount Cabinets
  • Structured Cabling Solutions
  • Category 6 Data Cabling
  • RG6 Cabling for FTA Antenna and Pay TV Satellite

When you choose to partner with Commodore Security Group, you’re making a decision to empower your data and communications infrastructure for unparalleled performance and reliability. Experience a network tailored to your unique needs, ensuring optimal functionality and adaptability as your needs evolve. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that your data network will serve as a robust foundation for your digital journey, seamlessly connecting you with the world.

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