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Our Security Services

Commodore Security Group provides security services for residential and business customers. We have been doing this since 1986. We are a 100% Australian-New Zealand owned company based out of Sydney, AU. Our strengths start in our proven track record of delivering quality security service solutions to customers across Australia & New Zealand.

Security Systems

Commodore Security Group's Australian Designed & Manufactured Alarm Systems provide unparalleled quality to suit both Residential or Commercial environments.


Our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Control Room provides you peace of mind that your site will remain protected no matter what.


In the last decade, CCTV technology has improved enormously and has become cheaper and easier to use. While highly sophisticated systems are still expensive, many small business owners and individuals now install and use accessible IP-based CCTV systems with ease.

Access Control

Access Control plays a central role in any security solution. As a result, we offer reliable, scalable and integrated access control solutions for any small, medium or large business.

Patrols & Guards

Commodore Security Group offers the option for scheduled Guarded Patrols and Alarm Response Patrols to your business. We offer these services in selected metropolitan only. Contact us for more information.

Other Services

How can a security system protect me?

Security systems work on the simple concept of covering key points in a home with sensors that communicate with a control panel installed somewhere in the home. These sensors are typically placed in areas that are open and easily accessible, especially those on the ground floor and on doors that lead to and from a house.

Control Panel: The control panel is the computer that arms and disarms the security systems, communicates with each installed component, sounds the alarm when a security zone is breached, and communicates with our monitoring centre or directly to you.

Motion Sensors: These security components, when armed, protect a given space by creating a zone that cannot be entered without sounding an alarm. These are typically used to protect rooms containing valuables, as well as areas less frequented in larger homes whilst you sleep.

Door and Window Sensors: Should a monitored door or window suddenly be opened, the security circuit is broken and the control panel interprets this as a breach of a secured zone. A high-decibel alarm is sounded and in most instances the alarm monitoring company is automatically notified.

Smoke Sensors: Armed 24/7, wired or wireless smoke detectors integrate with your alarm system to help provide an extra layer of safety to a given space. If smoke is detected, both the sensor unit and alarm system will be triggered, alerting you regardless whether or not the alarm system is armed.

Surveillance Cameras: CCTV cameras can be used in several different ways as part of an overall security system. Your CCTV cameras can be accessed directly or remotely on computers, smartphones, and tablets. They are often used for when homeowners are out of town, to watch for deliveries and other services like caregivers and landscapers, and to monitor the arrival of children after school; they can also record any security breaches.

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