Access Control

An access control system allows for the unrestricted flow of authorised users whilst restricting entry to unwanted visitors. With opportunistic thieves and unescorted visitors shut out, you can dramatically reduce your exposure to crime all while increasing the safety of your employees, visitors, information and other assets.

Our Access Control solutions provide you with both the flexibility & scalability you need, so as to perfectly fit your business regardless of its size and security requirements.  Did you know that you can combine your Security Alarm & Access Control Systems into one? Our Vision-X Control Panel comes with an Integrated Access Control solution for up to 16 Doors and runs on an advanced RS485 LAN with Anti-Substitution function. This offers you peace of mind, knowing that as your organisation changes or expands, these systems have the flexibility to change with you.

Access control requirements come in all shapes and sizes with many levels of risk and organisations may consist of just one site or multiple distributed across the city or country.

    • Manage your employee’s access site by site
    • Easily assign or suspend access cards or fobs for your employees
    • Elevate or reduce access privileges and times restrictions
    • Manage access to doors, lifts or secure areas
    • Receive notifications for access events
    • Use the history event log to ensure system is being used properly by staff
    • Manage and enforce site safety and Health & Safety policies
    • Manage emergencies with site lockdowns and alert communications
Bosch Solution 6000 Access Control Reader installed on a office door
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